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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Viesa Holiday

In this section we collect all frequently asked questions about Viesa Holiday.
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Pre-purchasing questions

On which vehicles can I install Viesa Holiday?

Viesa Holiday can be installed in motorhomes, vans and caravans as long as they are equipped with a service battery and water tank.

Installation usually takes place in place of a 40x40cm or 50x70cm skylight.

If there is no possibility of using a skylight, a customised roof cut can be made, after checking the roof loads by a Viesa Authorised Centre.

Viesa Holiday cannot currently be installed on vans with pop-top roofs.
The maximum size that viesa Holiday covers is 8 metres, (4 metres on one side and 4 metres on the other by installing it in the centre of the vehicle).
If your motorhome is bigger than a standard one, a single Viesa may not be enough, depending on your needs.
You can install 2 Viesa Holiday by checking with your authorised workshop.

How much does Viesa Holiday consume?

These are the specifications:

Power consumption (12 Volt)Min – 0,35 Ah – 4,2 Watt/heure
Max – 3,95 Ah – 47,4 Watt/heure
Water consumption0,5 à 1,5 litre/heure

Viesa Holiday is suitable for motorhomes up to 8 metres in length.
We also recommend you to read our in-depth discussion on consumption and the differences between a traditional air conditioner and a Viesa evaporative system at this link.

How many years of warranty does Viesa Holiday have?

The European legal warranty is 2 years for all models.
Remember to register your installation at the Viesa Authorised Centre to obtain your registration copy as well.

In some countries there may be area distributor actions on certain models, check the website of the distributor in your country for possible further extensions.
Possible warranty extensions are only valid by contacting the area distributors who have provided the initiative and only if periodic maintenance has been properly carried out at a Viesa Authorised Centre, with registration on the portal.

To obtain a warranty cover, please contact your installer or one of the authorised Viesa Centres.

*For professional use (purchase by a company with a VAT number) the warranty is 12 months.

How often should maintenance be carried out and how much does it cost?

For proper functioning of the Viesa Holiday, routine maintenance is needed just as you would for your own car.

Recommended maintenance: every season*, tank cleaning and anti-bacterial replacement, check.
Mandatory maintenance for guarantee and proper functioning: filter replacement, tank cleaning, antibacterial replacement, check.

Viesa Holiday X: every 4 seasons*.
Viesa Holiday 3s: every 2 seasons*.
By seasons we mean warm seasons, e.g. 2 summers are 2 seasons.

Remember to register the maintenance of your Viesa Holiday on the portal at all times.

Check with your local distributor, discover them all in the dedicated page

Where can I install Viesa Holiday or carry out maintenance?

You can install Viesa Holiday in one of the Viesa Authorised Centres, they are all available here
Please note that
not all authorised centres are shown on the map, if you do not find any centres in your country, please contact the distributor for your country to find out where to get assistance, if there is no distributor in your country please contact us..

Can I use Viesa Holiday on a camp site?

If you’re camping, you can also use Viesa Holiday on the campsite by connecting normally to the charging post that will recharge your service battery to which Viesa Holiday is connected.

Please note that you can also use Viesa Holiday when travelling and when free camping, without necessarily having to connect to the power supply.

Can I use Viesa Holiday while travelling?

You can use Viesa Holiday everywhere! Viesa works whether you are camping, travelling or in empty spots.

When we talk about “on-the-go” use, we mean for the living area. In fact, Viesa Holiday is located in the center of the living area and is mainly efficient for this specific zone. It cannot guarantee the same efficiency for the driving position, even by directing the air flow properly.

It has very low consumption and, thanks to its 12-volt power supply, it connects directly to the service battery.
You won’t need to connect to any electrical charging stations, you can use it during long journeys to offer refreshment to people in your vehicle, during short stops on the highway, even during free camping.

Can I use Viesa Holiday in free camping without any connection to the charging station?

You can use Viesa Holiday anywhere, even on free camping.

Very low consumption from 0.35 to 3.95 Ah with an average of 1.29 Ah
Thanks to the connection to the service battery, you will not need to connect to any power station.

In case of multiple days of free camping, we recommend using a solar panel of at least 100 watts to have all the autonomy you need.

How is Viesa Holiday installed, do I have to create a special opening?

Viesa Holiday is installed by using the opening of a standard, 40 x 40 cm or panoramic 50×70 skylight.
The skylight is removed and replaced with Viesa Holiday, depending on the size of the skylight, either a 40×40 or 50×70 cover will be used, so it is important to check with the installer at an early stage what size cover is required.

If there is no skylight in the desired position (usually in the centre of the vehicle) or if there is a need to create a new dedicated opening, first check the loads and dimensions with a Viesa Authorised Centre.

Is Viesa Holiday suitable for everyone? Even for children or animals?

Yes, Viesa Holiday is suitable for everyone, indeed it is specifically recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers, the elderly, adults and children.
Not only is Viesa Holiday also suitable for our animal friends, who will enjoy a cool and comfortable environment.

It has many health benefits, no temperature fluctuations and the air is humidified to the right level, and it does not use gas.

By how many degrees does the Viesa Holiday temperature drop?

When we talk about Viesa Holiday we never talk about temperature, Viesa is in fact not a traditional ‘refrigerator effect’ air conditioner, but uses the evaporative principle.
The purpose of Viesa Holiday is to naturally create a condition of cool well-being directly on the body by allowing it to evaporate and therefore not to sweat, avoiding temperature fluctuations that can be dangerous for our health.

If you want to connect to a solar panel for more autonomy, we recommend a panel of at least 100 watts.

It is not necessary to have a solar panel to run Viesa Holiday, as Viesa connects directly to the service battery.
It is not necessary to have a solar panel to run Viesa Holiday, as Viesa connects directly to the service battery.

Is Viesa Holiday a dehumidifier or a humidifier?

The Viesa Holiday evaporative air conditioner maintains a constant humidity between 40% and 60%, ideal for humans and our four-legged friends.

Does Viesa Holiday cool like a conventional air conditioner?

If you’re looking for the ‘penguin’ effect, Viesa Holiday probably isn’t the right solution for you, but it’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for a nice, cool, like feeling-in-the-breeze effect.
This characteristic is what makes Viesa Holiday unique, as it avoids temperature fluctuations that are dangerous for our health, such as those created by traditional air-conditioning systems, while maintaining a feeling of natural and fresh dry well-being.

Not convinced? Do an experiment, get some ethyl alcohol and put a few drops on the back of your hand, then start blowing…it’s cool isn’t it?
That cool sensation you feel, but not intense cold, is given by the evaporation of the alcohol combined with forced ventilation.

Viesa Holiday thanks to its forced ventilation, huge filter surface area and moisture stabilisation manages to recreate this evaporation principle, and does so in a totally natural way without the use of chemicals but only by using water, air and a large evaporation surface area. This is only possible thanks to the meticulous design of an efficient system that recreates a natural principle, but which you can use at the touch of a button – in short, your very own ‘cool ventilated pine forest’ when you want it.

Does Viesa Holiday create moisture inside the vehicle?

Not at all.
Viesa Holiday’s unique evaporation system brings moisture down to a low density that does not create any moisture. For example, the size of a nebulised droplet is 1-40 microns, while the size created by VIESA is 0.002 microns (aeriform state).

Want to give it a try? Take a sheet of paper towel and hold it in front of the Viesa Holiday air jet for a minute – it won’t get wet! This is exactly the reason why Viesa Holiday uses low-density moisture that does not get wet and does not create any kind of droplets or condensation.

It is very important, however, that you remember to always keep a window or skylight open when using Viesa, this allows air recirculation, unlike conventional air conditioners, as Viesa takes in clean air from OUTSIDE and does not recirculate the same exhaust air, which is why you must open and not close yourself inside.
By closing you would achieve the opposite effect.

Is it necessary to have a power generator to run Viesa Holiday?

No, because of its low consumption Viesa Holiday does not need a power station, the energy required for its running is taken directly from the service battery.
We recommend recharging through solar panels, 220 v power columns, gas-powered maintainers, alternators, etc.

Is there a risk of water from the system getting inside the camper?

No way! Viesa Holiday features a unique patented water anti-spill system, so you can relax knowing your vehicle is safe even when you’re on the go.

Can Viesa Holiday be used for heating?

No, Viesa Holiday doesn’t provide heating capabilities. It was designed exclusively as a cooling system, and its components are optimized for this purpose. Therefore, we strongly advise against any modifications, as the product is not suitable for conversion to hot air recirculation.

In addition, remember that a product that can do both hot and fresh air would have enormously higher consumption (heating the air requires a lot more energy).
The Viesa Holiday philosophy is based on the freedom to experience your motorhome, van or caravan in total autonomy. This wouldn’t be possible with high fuel consumption, which is why Viesa Holiday is designed to be incredibly power-efficient.

How much does it weigh? Do I risk exceeding the limits?

Viesa Holiday is the lightest rooftop evaporative air conditioner on the market.Specifically, the evaporative unit of Viesa Holiday 3s weighs only 19 kg, and that of Viesa Holiday X only 11.3 kg, more than 40% less.To this you will need to add the weight of the water during use, about 1.5 kg

Post-purchase questions

Should I open the skylights or keep them closed when using Viesa Holiday?

Unlike a traditional air conditioner where you have to keep the windows closed, with Viesa Holiday it is mandatory to have skylight or window open at least 2 cm. This is mandatory, not just recommended!

To ensure proper air circulation and humidity control, it is necessary to keep the windows open. Viesa Holiday takes in outside air and then circulates it inside the vehicle. Therefore, an equal amount of air must be able to exit the vehicle as well. Closing the windows creates the opposite effect, increasing pressure and heat.

If you use Viesa Holiday at minimum speed, you can open the door 2/3 cm. If you use Viesa Holiday at high speed, you can even open the door wide while still enjoying the fresh air from Viesa Holiday. Remember that the opening is directly proportional to the amount of air introduced (and therefore to the speed). The higher the operating speed, the more you will need to open the door.

Where can I find the user manual?

About Viesa Holiday 3s, the User Manual is to be found inside the package along with the remote control and the animal sticker.

About Viesa Holiday X you’ll find practical instructions with a QR code to download the manual directly to your smartphone.

Ask your installer to provide you with all the material.

All the manuals are to be found in the Support and Assistance menu in our web site, under the Manuals section.

What to do if I do not use Viesa for more than two days or before storage?

Before storing Viesa and if you do not use it for more than two consecutive days, make sure to dry the filter and tank using the DRY function.

This function will turn on your Viesa until it is completely dry (a few hours), and then it will automatically turn off.

How to use Viesa in high humidity conditions?

If the external humidity is too high (for example on particularly humid or rainy days), you can turn off the Viesa pumps using the dedicated button on the remote control with the faucet symbol.

A crossed-out faucet icon will appear on the display, indicating that the water pump is closed.
In this way Viesa will use the humidity of the outside air for its operation, which also saves water, the evaporation principle will also be achieved thanks to the special Viesa Holiday filter.
Please remember to reset the pumps when the humidity returns to standard values (simply press the button again and the bar on the faucet will disappear, restoring proper pump operation).

Can I do the maintenance myself?

Viesa Holiday is an approved product that must comply with specific regulations. Therefore, in order to maintain the warranty, it is necessary to have official maintenance carried out by an Authorized Viesa Center and to have the maintenance registered.

After the warranty expiry date, official maintenance is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Only for Viesa Holiday 3s: the reset of the filter hours, however, can only be carried out by authorised Viesa workshops for the same reason as above (homologated product with its own software), the error signal does not however affect its use if proper maintenance is carried out with a filter change, antibacterial, thorough washing of the tank and ducts, etc.


With which products can I clean the filter?


We recommend annual maintenance at an authorised VIESA centre, which will clean the tank and replace the antibacterial agent, check the condition of the filter and its proper running.
Every 4 seasons, however, the filter must be replaced in order for the machine to function properly.


IF YOUR VIESA USES A NATURAL WOOD FIBRE FILTER (Viesa Holiday 3s and earlier versions))
In this case, the filter should not be cleaned, but replaced.

Wood is a natural product with a well-defined life expectancy, in this case the filters last about 600 hours or 2 seasons (whichever comes first). Once the hours of use have been reached, a wrench will appear on the display of the Viesa Holiday, the wrench will disappear after maintenance has been carried out and the number hours have been resetted.

Resetting the Viesa can only be done by an authorized Viesa service center. This is because the Viesa is a certified product with proprietary software. If you choose to perform maintenance yourself (outside of the warranty period), you will not be able to deactivate the wrench icon. Please note that the appearance of the wrench icon does not affect the functionality of the Viesa if the maintenance has been performed correctly. The icon simply indicates that the on-board computer has not been reset.

Regular maintenance, both within and outside the warranty period, is essential to ensure the optimal performance of Viesa Holiday.

In all cases it is forbidden to use any products, chemical or otherwise, especially bleach, degreaser, acids or other types of products can cause damage to the cooling system, as well as damage to health due to their evaporation in the cooling system.

How often does maintenance have to be done, how much does it cost and where can I do it?

You can carry out maintenance at an Authorised Viesa Centre at this link.

Recommended maintenance: every year, cleaning of the tank and replacement of the antibacterial, inspection.
Mandatory maintenance for warranty and proper operation:

Viesa Holiday 3s: every 2 seasons (i.e. about 2 summers if you only use it in summer), filter change, tank cleaning, antibacterial replacement, check.

Viesa Holiday X: every 4 seasons (i.e. about 4 summers if you only use it in summer), filter change, tank cleaning, antibacterial replacement, check.

Remember to register the maintenance of your Viesa Holiday on the portal.

Check with the specific distributor in your country.

I replaced the filter, how many hours of "break-in" are required?

With the new Viesa Holiday X there are no break-in hours, you will enjoy the coolness immediately from the first switch-on.

The Viesa Holiday 3s filter needs to run for about 80 hours before it reaches its maximum efficiency. After this time, you will get the most out of your Viesa Holiday system

Can I leave my dog alone in the motorhome with the Viesa on?

If you need to leave your furry friend in the camper to go shopping, visit a place, or for any other reason, Viesa Holiday is the ideal solution. Leave your pet cool and carefree in a serene place they know, like your own vehicle.
We remind you that animals should not be left alone for too long. Therefore, please avoid leaving your pet unattended for extended periods. Ensure that they have sufficient access to food and water during your absence.

Turn on your Viesa a little while before leaving to make sure the speed is set and your pet is calm. Remember to open a skylight or window slightly for air circulation. This way you will guarantee your friend a fresh natural well-being.

Also remember to apply the special sticker you found in the Viesa Holiday pack, on the sticker there is a qr code, this will allow you in case of need, to inform people outside that your pet is well and cool with Viesa Holiday, avoiding problems with the neighbourhood.
Here you can find the informative page that appears by scanning the qr code.

I bought a used motorhome equipped with Viesa Holiday what should I do about the warranty?

First, try to identify the model installed on your vehicle. Then, we recommend that you contact an Authorized Viesa Center to verify the correct maintenance of your Viesa Holiday.
The same centre can request a change of ownership by writing to or the local distributor.

If you haven’t received it, download the user manual by clicking on the Support and Assistance menu, then Manuals, check your model and download the manual.

Please remember to use Viesa Holiday with skylight or windows open. Viesa Holiday requires regular maintenance. You can find all the information you need in the FAQ and the manual.

Can I put some ice in the water tank?

Unlike what you might think, adding ice to the water tank of the Viesa Holiday system is not beneficial at all. In fact, it will slow down the cooling effect. This is because the system relies on the evaporation of water to cool the air. Adding ice will slow down the evaporation process, so it will take longer for the system to cool the air.

I have an old Viesa Holiday model, can I upgrade it to a more up-to-date version?

A conversion kit from Viesa Holiday IIs to Viesa Holiday IIIs is available, which includes new electronics and several other features.
Ask a Viesa Authorized Center for more information.

Viesa Holiday X is completely new and redesigned, both in terms of design and components, therefore it is not possible to make any transformations.

On the display of my Viesa Holiday (models up to 3s) a wrench appeared, what does it mean?

If a wrench icon appears on the display of your Viesa Holiday 3s, it means that it is time to perform maintenance.
The filter has been used for over 600 hours and is no longer able to guarantee adequate cooling. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the filter and have complete maintenance carried out at an Authorized Viesa Center.

Failure to replace the filter will prevent proper water evaporation and effectively prevent fresh air from being obtained. Furthermore, a lack of maintenance could affect the functioning of some components.
Remember to replace the filter when necessary and perform proper maintenance. This will ensure that your Viesa continues to function properly for a long time.

My Viesa smells strange, what could it be?

Bad smells coming from your Viesa appliance may indicate a lack of maintenance or stagnant water in the tank. To ensure optimal performance and prevent further issues, schedule a service appointment with an authorized Viesa Center at your earliest convenience.

If you do not use Viesa for more than two consecutive days, you must use the DRY function. This function dries the filter and empties the tank.

My Viesa is too noisy, what could it be?

The pumps that draw water from the Viesa to send it to the filter are activated every 5 minutes and work for a maximum of 17 seconds. This operating diagram cannot be modified.

However, the noise is not annoying. If you notice abnormal or excessive noise, we recommend that you go to an Authorized Viesa Center to make sure that the pumps are not touching any part of the base. This could cause vibrations inside the vehicle, amplifying the noise.

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