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The New Viesa Holiday X

A multitude of innovations

The things that matter

12 volts +
low consumption =

Freecamping, On the move, Anywhere

The Viesa Holiday X works at 12 volts, which means that it connects directly to the service battery, without the need for generators or inverters. Also, thanks to its very low consumption (only 1,29 Ah on average), it allows you to take full advantage of the cool air when free parking, but also during long journeys and even during the journey, thanks to the special patented anti-water-spill technology. With Viesa Holiday, there are no more limits. With Viesa Holiday X, there are no more limits.

Natural cool for everyone

The natural Viesa Holiday X system is suitable for all family members: adults, children, the elderly, as well as our animal companions. From now on, shopping, visiting a museum, or being away for a few hours will not be a problem: your pets will stay cool in their familiar environment and will have a peaceful life, without problems due to the heat or caused by traditional air conditioners. Just remember to leave enough food and water and not to leave them alone for too long.

A revolution: EPP

Expanded Polypropylene is a plastic material with exceptional characteristics that make the new Viesa Holiday X the ultimate evaporative air conditioner, in which light weight, strength, insulation and sustainability come together to provide unparalleled performance and comfort.

EPP: 100% Recyclable, 100% Sustainable

Crafted from fully recyclable materials, Viesa Holiday takes another step towards sustainability. Entirely gas-free, Viesa harnesses renewable energy sources like water and sun: a solar panel ensures electrical autonomy thanks to low energy consumption (optional, works without a panel). But that’s not all: by eliminating metal joints, Viesa Holiday becomes not only healthy for humans and animals, but also low environmental impact, for a healthier and more nature-friendly world.

Lightweight and Resistant

The Viesa Holiday X is the evaporative air conditioner for campers and vans that is the lightest on the market at ONLY 11.3 KG (about 40% less than the previous model).
It is chemical- and impact-resistant, absorbing shocks thanks to the memory quality of the material, which allows it to return to its original shape after deformation. EPP is used in the automotive sector, where it has also demonstrated resistance to bad weather.

Excellent insulation

EPP offers exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation, reducing external noise and preserving internal heat during the winter thanks to the thermal insulation it offers.
It reduces sound vibrations to ensure revitalizing rest, and is not affected by temperature variations, ensuring safety even on long journeys and in extreme climates.

Long-lasting filter

The new Viesa Holiday X filter has been completely revolutionized, both in shape and material: made of PP (polypropylene), it is durable and totally recyclable. Without the need for running-in, it guarantees cool well-being from the first time you switch it on. With a doubled lifespan, it only needs to be replaced after 4 summer seasons; in the meantime, it’s enough to clean the tank and replace the antibacterial agent every year.

Italian Design and Quality

100% Made in Italy

The Viesa Holiday X is designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by ITALCOLVEN, based in Montemurlo (Prato), Italy. The attention paid to every detail is the sign of the quality that has always been our distinguishing feature.


The Viesa Holiday X is now more compact than ever: its small size leaves more space available on the roof to install solar panels or other accessories for your motorhome or van.

Let there be more light

The Viesa Holiday X now features dimmable standard LED lights as standard. These new lights are not only more powerful, but also offer natural lighting that will definitively solve the problem of lack of light from the skylight. The increased brightness and more natural light create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, but above all a functional one.

New super-thin, super-flat cover

Open Sesame!

The internal cover has been shrunk from 7.5 cm to just 3 cm in thickness, allowing you to open doors without issues arising from a lack of space.
The biggest challenge was the engineering to reduce the height while increasing the air distribution.

New air diffusers adjustable from 0 to 90°,
for complete coolness.

Click on the blue bar and scroll left or right to see the difference between the VIESA Holiday 3S and the Holiday X

Cooler, everywhere.

The new airflow design and the new lower mask design ensure optimum air distribution throughout the vehicle. Thanks to the adjustable air vents from 0 to 90°, the cool air can easily reach the high bed for optimal rest, and even the dinette, allowing you to enjoy your meals in the cool in total comfort.

We’ve thought of everything (really, everything!)

A small clarification: there is only one model of the Viesa Holiday X, so nothing changes in the size of the outdoor unit. What can change is the INTERNAL grille that can be adapted for different situations. Let’s take a closer look.

Standard: the classic one

This is the standard grille, i.e. the classic installation replacing a rooflight with standard dimensions of 40 x 40 cm.

What if you don’t have a rooflight? No problem: we advise you to speak with the authorized Viesa centre to evaluate the possibility of installing a docking opening on your roof.

MIDI, for those with panoramic skylights

This is the MIDI grille, bigger because it is used This is the MIDI grille, bigger because it is used to replace a panoramic skylight measuring 50 x 70 cm.
The two long flaps can be oriented in different directions to adapt to your rooflight.

Cover up, no more defects!

Is there a defect on the ceiling of the motorhome that you want to hide? A hole from old lights? Has an old leak left an unsightly stain?
We took care of it! A beautiful cover! A single long flap can be added to the standard mask, to be placed on whichever side you like, covering the defect while maintaining continuity with the original cover.

The power of evaporation evaporatiom:

how does Viesa Holiday work?

The operating principle of the Viesa evaporative air conditioner is based on the reduction of perceived temperature, that is, the temperature felt by our body.
This value is influenced by 4 different factors: the temperature of the environment, relative humidity, ventilation and the density of humidity.

The Viesa evaporative air conditioner acts on all four of these factors to create a condition of well-being directly on the person, rather than on the surrounding environment. This results in the evaporation of moisture on the skin, which has the effect of removing heat, essentially meaning YOU WON’T SWEAT.

The cooling process begins with the evaporation of water on the surface of the evaporative filter, which leads to a drop in air temperature. The cooled air is then introduced into the cabin with an optimal relative humidity between 40 and 60% (ideal for humans according to scientific studies) and with a very low density.

Stabilizing relative internal humidity is essential: excessive humidity can hinder or prevent the evaporation of sweat.

The low density (drops of only 0.002 microns) allows the water to be distributed over a much larger surface area, speeding up evaporation, a process also facilitated by the forced ventilation generated by the Viesa’s motor.

The Viesa Holiday is NOT a dehumidifier or a humidifier, but an evaporative cooler. It does not remove humidity but instead tries to stabilize it, and when it is too humid outside, it can make use of the external humidity to recreate the same cooling process.

For it to work correctly, unlike a compressor-based air conditioner for which you have to close yourself inside, Viesa requires you to always keep a window or rooflight open to ensure the air recirculation necessary for a fresh and healthy environment.

VIESA Holiday X Technical Specifications

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General SpecificationsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
Input voltage [Vdc]1212It connects to the service battery and does not require other accessories (solar panel recommended, but not mandatory).
ContentsViesa Holiday 3s, unit, standard rooflight grille (400 x 400 mm)*, user manual, remote controlViesa Holiday X, unit, standard rooflight grille (400 x 400 mm)*, user manual, remote control, animal on board stickerOverall thickness of just 3 cm (lowest in its category), does not interfere with opening the doors.
The air flow, flush with the ceiling, increases the range of action and the perception of coolness.

*MIDI model (500 x 700 mm) and long flap also available – see the respective section

Dimensions and WeightViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
External unit dimensions
length x width x height [mm]
830 x 750 x 210640 x 630 x 195It takes up less space on the roof and allows you to install accessories such as solar panels and others.
Outdoor unit measurements (mounted)
length x width x height [mm]
830 x 750 x 220640 x 630 x 200It takes up less space on the roof and allows you to install accessories such as solar panels and others.
Internal kit dimensions for standard rooflight (400 x 400 mm)
length x width x height [mm]
560 x 560 x 80530 x 530 x 30Overall thickness of just 3 cm (lowest in its category), does not interfere with opening the doors.
The air flow, flush with the ceiling, increases the range of action and the perception of coolness.
Internal MIDI kit measurements
for panoramic rooflight (500 x 700 mm) air conditioner or air conditioner

length x width x height [mm]
840 x 560 x 80840 x 580 x 36
Full unit weight (dry, standard version) [kg]1911.3 KgWeight reduction of almost 40% .
Weight outdoor unit [kg]N.D.9.5 Kg
Standard grille weight [kg]N.D.1.8 Kg
Midi kit weight (frame, plate, insulators) [kg]N.D.6.3 Kg
Roof air cavity range for machine installation [mm]n.d.25 – 65It can be installed on vehicle roofs with an air cavity between 25 and 65 mm.
ConsumptionViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
Current consumption at 12 V [Ah]0,5 – 5,80,35 – 3,95Further consumption reduction.
Current consumption at 12 V [Wh]6 – 69,64,2 – 47,4Further consumption reduction.
Average current consumption at speed 12 [Ah]31,29Average consumption 57% lower.
Average current consumption at speed 12 [Wh]3615,48Average consumption 57% lower.
Water consumption [l/h]0,5 – 1,50,5 – 1,5
Average water consumption at speed 12 [l/h]11
PerformanceViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
Ventilation speed2424
Independent vents to distribute the air flow44Independent rotating diffusers with hermetic closure.
Ventilation angle on the vertical plane0° – 60°0° – 90°50% increase in the vertical ventilation angle, and thus in the possibility of up/down adjustment.
Ventilation angle on the horizontal plane-40 / + 40°-50° / + 50°25% increase in the horizontal ventilation angle, and thus in the possibility of right/left adjustment.
LightsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
Integrated LED lightsOptionalStandardThe lights are now no longer optional but are standard.
Dimmable lights5 intensity levels5 intensity levels
Total Brightness [lm]600840More powerful LEDs with a wider light cone that allow you to better illuminate the work spaces.
Light TypeColdNaturalThe natural light emitted by the LEDs offers relaxing and optimal lighting in the work spaces, effectively replacing the natural light from the skylight.
MaterialsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
External Unitsteel, ABS, wood, EPDM, silicone, PVCEPP, PP, ABS, EPDM, PU, ​​SILICONEMade of 100% recyclable EPP, which offers acoustic and thermal insulation, also eliminating all metal parts.
FilterWood mixSpun polypropylene100% recyclable material, doubles the lifespan of the filter (4 summer seasons instead of 2), no running-in, no odors.
Technical detailsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
Inspectable tankNOYESEasy maintenance, allows for more accurate and simple cleaning of the tank during maintenance
Brushless pumpYESYESWith a ceramic shaft instead of the steel of classic brush pumps, more compact, with IP68 protection and inspectable.
Electronic sensorNOYESCapacitive electronic sensor, requires no maintenance.
Solenoid valveMetalPlasticMore compact, easy to access and inspect.
System informationViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday XViesa Holiday X advantages
Easy-to-read LCD displayYESYES
Brand, model, firmware versionYESYES
Serial number, installation dateYESYES
Empty tank indicatorYESYES
Battery charge level indicatorYESYES
Running-in period indicatorYESNOThe new PP filter does not require running-in.
Filter replacement indicatorYESNORecommended annual maintenance with antibacterial agent replacement, and filter replacement every 4 seasons (summers). No resetting of service hours is required.
Water pump bypass indicatorYESYES
FunctionsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday X
Simplified menu navigation, adjustable contrast and brightnessYESYES
Fan speed setting 0-24YESYES
DRY (filter drying and automatic tank emptying)YESYES
Water tank bypass (ventilation only mode)YESYES
Programmable turn on / offYESYES
LED lights turn on / offYESYES
Key sound mutingYESYES
Remote control functionsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday X
Unit turn on / offYESYES
Ventilation speedYESYES
Lights turn on / offYESYES
Water pump bypassYESYES
DRY function (filter drying)YESYES
ProtectionsViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday X
Short circuit protection, low and high pump consumptionYESYES
Short circuit protection, low and high motor consumptionYESYES
Short circuit protection, low and high solenoid valve consumptionYESYES
Service battery low voltage protection (battery saver)YESYES
Protection for systems without water (bypasses the water circuit)YESYES
Automatic shutdown after 24 hours of non-useYESYES
Certifications and WarrantyViesa Holiday 3sViesa Holiday X
Warranty2 years*2 years*

* In some countries the duration of the warranty may be different. Check with the distributor in your country.

VIESA Holiday X Manual

Download the manual for your Viesa Holiday and remember that the Viesa Holiday is always used with a window or rooflight open.
Remember to perform the mandatory maintenance. You can find all the information on the Frequently Asked Questions page and in your manual.

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