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Cool Comfort in Freedom

With the new Viesa Holiday X: no more limits!


The New Viesa Holiday X: the 12 volt evaporative air conditioner for campers and vans, more efficient than ever!

After 3 years of research, tests and prototypes, evolution is finally here: the Viesa Holiday X.

It is much more than just a new and improved version of the Viesa Holiday 3s: this is a totally new product, with the same underlying principle but with a fully renewed design and lots of new features.

Discover all the innovations.

12 Volts and Very Low Consumption

You plug it to the service battery, so no inverters or expensive generators are needed. The average consumption is just 1.29Ah and if you also have a solar panel, you will no longer have to worry about autonomy.


Perfect for dogs, cats, etc.: thanks to its natural air recirculation, it does not cause dermatitis or respiratory problems. Going shopping or visiting a holiday spot will no longer be a problem: you can leave your dog or cat in the cool in your camper with Viesa*.


VIESA Holiday is totally gas-free, but that’s not all: All the metal parts have been removed. Moreover we have used an innovative material (EPP – expanded polypropylene) that’s fully recyclable and also guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation.

Italian Design and Production

Entirely Made in Italy, featuring 100% Italian design, planning and production, with great care and attention to detail. The Viesa Holiday is produced by ITALCOVEN at its headquarters in Montemurlo (PO), Italy.

From featherweight to even lighter

The lightest and most compact in its category, made even smaller to leave room for panels and other essential accessories. Weighing only 11.3 kg, it will become your must-have accessory.

Can be used on the move

Long journeys will no longer be a problem: Viesa Holiday can also be used on the move, guaranteeing fresh air for passengers too during the journey as well as during any snack break or stop at a service station.

*Remember to always leave food and fresh water for your four-legged friend, not to leave them alone for too many hours and make sure you always leave a small opening for air circulation.

12V: Unrivalled autonomy, stay cool in motorhomes and vans without any compromise

Viesa Holiday is the evaporative air conditioner for campers and vans that, taking advantage of water evaporation power, delivers a cool and natural internal climate. It is powered by only 12 volts and gives you more autonomy and freedom than ever before.
Just forget expensive generators, inverters, unstable charging points, abnormal consumption: with Viesa Holiday you can enjoy cool and comfortable temperatures wherever you go thanks to its very low consumption (1.29 Ah on average).

Viesa Holiday represents a new chapter in the history of travel comfort by offering unique freedom and incomparable autonomy.
From a mountain tour to a seaside adventure, camping or free-staying, Viesa Holiday is the perfect travel mate to maintain a comfortable and relaxing indoor environment for our pets as well.

Ideal for off-road travellers, digital nomads, and all people who love to travel, offering an unforgettable experience in harmony with nature. Comfort and sustainability are combined with Viesa Holiday, creating a perfect fusion for those who want to travel responsibly without giving up on anything.

On which vehicles can the Viesa Holiday X be installed?

Cool in your Motorhome

It is installed in the center of the living cell, replacing a standard or panoramic skylight window.

Cool in your Van

It is usually installed at the back of the van, replacing a porthole window.

Cool in your Caravan

Suitable for “camperized” caravans, i.e. with service battery and fresh water tank.

For the whole family, pets included

The Viesa Holiday evaporative system maintains a fresh environment without temperature fluctuations or any risk of muscular contractures or problems caused by dry air and, thanks to its special filter, is also safe for children, elderly people and even asthma sufferers.
In addition, using it with open skylights and windows means that there is always a recycling of clean air inside the vehicle so goodbye bad smells or exhaust air!

The air fed into the vehicle at constant humidity offers a comfortable environment for pets as well, avoiding respiratory problems or dermatitis, and offers the possibility of safely leaving them in the camper during daily activities without any worries.


Connects to the service battery


Average consumption


Years of experience


Over 50 thousand units sold

Discover the New Viesa Holiday X

The original

Click or tap on the points to discover the innovations, or go to the dedicated page to learn more about the details and find out how the VIESA Holiday X works.

Discover the VIESA HOLIDAY X
The special structure made of EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE offers thermal and acoustic insulation, reduces vibrations and external noise and is fully recyclable.
The Viesa Holiday X’s body is also made of expanded polypropylene, and all its components are interlocking, avoiding the use of steel joints
The special engine allows very low consumption.
The special inspectable solenoid valve makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
The special evaporative filter is now made of synthetic material (PP), extending its life to 4 seasons and making maintenance easier. No run-in and no smell. No run-in and no smell.
The new capacitive electronic sensor does not require any maintenance.
Brushless ceramic pump. Ceramic shaft instead of steel, IP68 dust proof and protection against permanent immersion

Viesa Holiday:
Cool and Sustainable,
Your Responsible Choice

Viesa Holiday is the perfect choice for efficient and eco-friendly travel, thanks to its natural operation without the use of gas, and its extremely low-consumption 12-volt motor, a solar panel is enough to guarantee unbeatable autonomy.

The body made from EPP (expanded polypropylene) makes the Viesa Holiday eco-friendly and fully recyclable, helping to reduce its environmental impact for greater sustainability.

With a smart interlocking design which eliminates the use of assembly screws, we guarantee not only a reduction in materials but also greater durability and ease of maintenance.

Viesa Holiday is not only the ecological choice for modern travelers, but also a step towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

Is the Viesa Holiday right for me?

YES, if…

  • You want the freedom of living in the cool WHEREVER and WHENEVER YOU WANT (also in empty spots).
  • You are not very fond of traditional air conditioning systems.
  • You can’t stand the feeling of claustrophobia caused by having to close yourself up inside.
  • You prefer to stay cool, not “like in the fridge”.
  • You don’t want to spend money on expensive electrical systems.
  • You are sensitive to environmental issues and prefer eco-friendly products.
  • You don’t want to have to worry about consumption.
  • You have pets.
  • You have little children.
  • You don’t like sudden changes in temperature.
  • You suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • You make journeys that require stops.
  • You like your passengers to feel confortably cool during the journey.
  • You prefer free camping or, in any case, energy autonomy.

If you recognise yourself in one or more of these descriptions, Viesa Holiday is the right choice for you.

Maybe not, if…

  • You like the “refrigerator” effect: you love the cold, just “cool” is not enough for you.
  • Consumption is not a problem for you, you already have a powerful electrical system capable of running energy-intensive accessories.

n these circumstances, Viesa is probably not suitable for your needs. We recommend that you first try it out at a friend’s or at an authorised workshop equipped for the test to see if it is right for you.

What do campers think?

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Install Viesa Holiday now and spend next summer in the cool!

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